S. No.

Designation E-mail address
1. DGP, Haryana police@hry.nic.in
2. DGP, HR & Lititgation dg.hrlit@hry.nic.in
3. DGP/Reforms, Panchkula adgp.reforms@hry.nic.in
4. DG/OSD Rules dgp.osdrules@hry.nic.in     
5. ADGP/Administration adgp@hry.nic.in
6. ADGP/Operations adgphr-operations@nic.in
7. ADGP/Law & Order adgp.laworder@hry.nic.in
8. ADGP/Crime Against Women adgp.caw-hry@nic.in
9. IGP/Modernization igp.mod@hry.nic.in
10. IGP/Law & Order igp.lo@hry.nic.in
11. IGP/Administration igp.admin@hry.nic.in
12. AIG/Provisioning aigprov-pkl-hry@nic.in
13. AIG/Administration aig.admin@hry.nic.in
14. AIG/Welfare aig.welfare@hry.nic.in
15. Inspector CCTNS, IT Cell, PHQ, Panchkula insp-cctns.hry@nic.in
S. No. Designation E-mail address
1. IGP/CID igp.cid@hry.nic.in
2. IGP/Security igp.security@hry.nic.in
3. DIG/CID dig.cid@hry.nic.in
State Crime Branch
S. No. Designation E-mail address
1. ADGP/Crime adgp.crime@hry.nic.in
2. IGP/Crime igp.crime@hry.nic.in
3. SP/Crime sp.crime@hry.nic.in
S. No. Designation E-mail address
1. IGP/Telecom igp.telecom@hry.nic.in
2. SP/Telecom sp.telecom@hry.nic.in
Railways & Technical Services
S. No. Designation E-mail address
1. IGP/Railways & Technical Services, Moginand, Panchkula igp.rail@hry.nic.in
2. SP/Railways, Ambala Cantt. sp.rail@hry.nic.in
3. SP/Commando spcommando.krl@nic.in
State Crime Record Bureau
S. No. Designation E-mail address
1. Director/SCRB dir.scrb@hry.nic.in
2. SP/SCRB sp.scrb@hry.nic.in
Haryana Police Academy
S. No. Designation E-mail address
1. Director/HPA hpa.director@hry.nic.in
2. IGP/HPA igp.hpa@hry.nic.in
3. SP/HPA sp.hpa@hry.nic.in
Haryana Armed Police
S. No. Designation E-mail address
1. IGP/HAP igp.hap@hry.nic.in
2. Comdt./HAP, 1st Battalion comdt.1bn@hry.nic.in
3. Comdt./HAP, 2nd Battalion comdt.2bn@hry.nic.in
4. Comdt./HAP, 3rd Battalion comdt.3bn@hry.nic.in
5. Comdt./HAP, 4th Battalion comdt.4bn@hry.nic.in
6. Comdt./HAP, 5th Battalion comdt.5bn@hry.nic.in
Traffic and Highways
S. No. Designation E-mail address
1. AIG/Traffic and Highways sp.traffic@hry.nic.in
PTC Sunaria, Rohtak
1. IGP/PTC, Sunaria igpptc.sunaria-hry@nic.in
IRB, Bhondsi
S. No. Designation E-mail address
1. ADGP/CPT & R, Bhondsi ig.cptr@hry.nic.in
2. SP/RTC, Bhondsi sp.rtc@hry.nic.in
3. Comdt. 1st IRB, Bhondsi comdt.1irb@hry.nic.in
4. Comdt. 2nd IRB, Bhondsi comdt.2irb@hry.nic.in
5. Comdt. 3rd IRB, Bhondsi comdt.3irb@hry.nic.in


Ranges and Districts

The four Police Ranges and two Commissionerate comprise of the following districts:


Police Commissionerate, Ambala-Panchkula Ambala, Panchkula and Rural Ambala
Karnal Range Karnal, Yamunanagar, Kurukshetra and Kaithal
Hisar Range Hisar, Fatehabad, Sirsa, Jind and Bhiwani
Rohtak Range Rohtak, Jhajjar, Sonipat and Panipat
South Range Rewari, Palwal, Mahendergarh and Mewat
Police Commissionerate, Faridabad Central Faridabad, NIT Faridabad, Ballabgarh
Police Commissionerate, Gurgaon East Gurgaon, West Gurgaon and South Gurgaon

S. No. Designation E-mail address
1. Commissioner of Police, Ambala-Panchkula cpamb-hry@nic.in
2. IGP/Karnal Range igp.karnal-hry@nic.in
3. IGP/Hisar Range ighsr@hry.nic.in
4. IGP/Rohtak Range igroh@hry.nic.in
5. IGP/South Range igp.southrange@hry.nic.in
6. Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon cp.ggn@hry.nic.in
7. Commissioner of Police, Faridabad cp.fbd@hry.nic.in
S. No. Designation E-mail address
1. DCP/Ambala dcpamb-hry@nic.in
2. DCP/Rural Ambala dcpambrural-hry@nic.in
3. DCP/Panchkula dcppkl-hry@nic.in
4. SP/Yamunanagar spynr@hry.nic.in
5. SP/Kurukshetra spkrk@hry.nic.in
6. SP/Kaithal spktl@hry.nic.in
7. SP/Rohtak sproh@hry.nic.in
8. SP/Karnal spkrl@hry.nic.in
9. SP/Panipat spppt@hry.nic.in
10. SP/Sonipat spsnp@hry.nic.in
11. SP/Jhajjar spjjr@hry.nic.in
12. SP/Hisar sphsr@hry.nic.in
13. SP/Sirsa spsrs@hry.nic.in
14. SP/Bhiwani spbhw@hry.nic.in
15. SP/Jind spjnd@hry.nic.in
16. SP/Fatehabad spftb@hry.nic.in
17. SP/Rewari sprwr@hry.nic.in
18. SP/Palwal sppwl@hry.nic.in
19. SP/Mewat at Nuh spmwt@hry.nic.in
20. SP/Mahendergarh spnrl@hry.nic.in
21. Jt. Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon jtcp.ggn@hry.nic.in
22. DCP (East), Gurgaon dcp.eastggn@hry.nic.in
23. DCP Traffic, Gurgaon dcp.trafficggn@hry.nic.in
24. DCP (South), Gurgaon dcp.southggn@hry.nic.in
25. DCP (West) Gurgaon dcp.westggn@hry.nic.in
26. DCP/Headquarters, Gurgaon dcp.hqggn@hry.nic.in
27. Jt. Commissioner of Police, Faridabad jtcp.fbd@hry.nic.in
28. DCP/Headquarters, Faridabad dcp.hqfbd@hry.nic.in
29. DCP/Central Faridabad dcp.centralfbd@hry.nic.in
30. DCP/NIT, Faridabad dcp.nitfbd@hry.nic.in
31. DCP/Ballabgarh, Faridabad dcp.ballabgarh@hry.nic.in
32. DCP/Crime, Faridabad dcp.crimefbd@hry.nic.in
33. DCP/Traffic, Faridabad dcptraffic.fbd-hry@nic.in

Updated on 24.11.2014

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