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Social and Workplace Issues of LGBT Community in India

Nishul Singh, Dr Anindita Chatterjee

Being homosexual in India is a taboo and a social stigma in Indian society. It is not that homosexuality is new to the Indian society, it very much find its existence in history. But still in 21st century LGBT community has to face social discrimination. Sexual minorities in India are the easy victims of the hate crimes, they are easy target who are exploited physically, sexually, verbally. Police and the legal system is considered to be present for those who are victims of such crimes of brutality. But They are often beaten up by police. It shows that they are exploited by the law and legal system itself. Some international surveys show that most of the LGBT people tend to hide their sexual orientation in order to avoid any kind of discrimination, However, it has been found that most of the countries in the world has now begun to accept LGBT in their respective societies. LGBT employee in many surveys has asserted that they have always faced one or another kind of discrimination at work place. They are even forced to quit their jobs and are often paid less than their heterosexual co-workers. The paper tries to find the various social and workplace issues that LGBT community has to face in Indian mainstream society as well as in organisations. The paper also throws light on the various provisions that Indian organisations have brought in order to make workplace LGBT friendly.


One of the gay cross dresser Rajesh Yadav from Bilaspur Biharwho is 25 years of age has been gangraped many times and is brutally beaten just because of her sexuality.

“Ayesha Kapoor from Bihar asserted that police come to their house and harass them for money and even sexually abuse them.

In 2014, A doctor from Bangalore stated that he had sexual relations with many men and when someone came to know about this, he was extorted the money from.

These are some of the incidents or we can say atrocities that LGBT community has to face in India. (Parashar) India is the country which is considered to accept and embrace all the culture and tradition. But when it comes to the acceptance of homosexuality in mainstream society, Indian society remains rigid and still when the whole world is accepting LGBT community, we don’t want to accept LGBT person in our so-called modern society. Irony of the situationis that LGBT people do not get their complaints registered in police station as they fear more exploitation by the law. They fear that complaining any FIR or reporting such incidents of injustice against them to police may expose them to the society, since LGBT people often don’t reveal their sexual orientation.


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