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    Cyber Fraud Prevention

    It is noteworthy that common people are being made victims of cyber fraud by cyber criminals by adopting different methods every day. For example, cyber criminals lure people into investing in different types of schemes in the name of investment, due to which people fall into their trap and become victims of cyber fraud. Similarly, by posing as officials of CBI, ED, and TRAI, cyber criminals are making people victims of cyber fraud by threatening them with arrest. Apart from this, online task-based frauds are being done by giving people the lure of a job, work from home, insurance, online work, salary etc. Director General of Police has appealed to the general public not to fall for any kind of temptation and to do a thorough investigation of the facts, otherwise they may become victims of cyber fraud. In case of cyber fraud, people should contact helpline number 1930 as soon as possible.

    Workstation Visit After the meeting

    All bank officials were also taken to visit the workstation of cyber helpline 1930 established at Haryana 112. Senior bank officials obtained detailed information about the process of preventing cyber fraud through the workstations established there, and Kotak Mahindra Bank, impressed by this, immediately appointed its nodal officer in the control room of Haryana Police.

    Meeting with Bank Officials

    Director General of Police Kapur met with senior bank officials and emphasized the importance of following RBI guidelines seriously to prevent cyber fraud. He stressed the importance of robust EKYC practices to prevent the opening of fake accounts used for illicit transfers. Kapur warned of punitive measures against banks failing to safeguard their customers' deposits, signaling a zero-tolerance approach towards negligence.Addressing the prevalence of mule accounts, Kapoor underscored the need for banks to scrutinize their practices and promptly close such accounts to thwart cybercriminal activities. It was informed in the meeting that currently about 31 percent of the cyber fraud amount is being frozen by the State Bank of India, which is commendable. For this, the Director General of Police congratulated the team of State Bank of India and said that he would appreciate the efforts made by his bank in this direction.

    Operation Cyber Aakrman

    ADGP Cyber OP Singh said that Haryana Police launched "Operation Cyber Aakrman" from April 1 to 10. A joint initiative between Haryana Police and the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center (I4C), has yielded significant results. Utilizing the Pratibimb mobile app, authorities tracked and apprehended 84 cybercriminals, with a notable concentration in Nuh district. Additionally, in coordination with telecom companies, Haryana Police blocked 70,000 mobile numbers associated with cybercrime, and successfully apprehended 11 bank employees involved in facilitating fraudulent activities.

    Haryana Police Sets New Standards in Cyber Crime Control

    Haryana Police is leading the way in cyber crime control across India and is constantly working to improve the cyber security system. Their efforts are putting Haryana on the national map for effectively tackling cybercrime and protecting people's savings. Significant Improvement in Ranking In September 2023, Haryana Police ranked 23rd in the country for cyber crime control. However, due to their focused efforts, they achieved a significant improvement and reached the top spot by March 2024. Their success is inspiring other states to implement similar strategies. Upon taking charge in August 2023, Director General of Police, Shri Shatrujeet Kapur prioritized cyber crime control. He formed a dedicated team and conducted pilot projects with banks. The number of staff assigned to handle cyber fraud calls on the helpline number was doubled. Haryana Police partnered with banks to freeze bank accounts involved in cyber fraud.

    Haryana Police Recovers Rs 71 Lakh in Cyber Fraud Case, Urges Vigilance Against Cyber Crime

    Haryana Police's relentless efforts to bolster cyber security have yielded significant results, with the recovery of Rs 71 lakh in a recent cyber fraud case. The incident unfolded in Gurugram, where a resident filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime East Police Station on February 16, 2024. The victim narrated being duped into investing in the stock market through a fraudulent app promising lucrative returns. Prompt action was taken by the Cyber Crime East Gurugram police station, resulting in the arrest of three suspects from Jaipur on March 22, 2024. The apprehended individuals were identified as Makwana Harshad Ramesh Bhai, Nikunj Mansukh Bhai Chauhan, and Khan Zuber Jamshed, all residents of Gujarat. Led by Assistant Police Commissioner Cyber Crime Priyanshu Diwan, the investigative team successfully recovered approximately Rs 71 lakh defrauded from the complainant.

    Haryana Police Black Film Campaign a Success

    In a week-long drive against illegal black film on vehicles, the Haryana Police not only removed the film but also penalized drivers. The campaign, conducted from April 1st to 7th across Haryana, resulted in challans (fines) issued to 2600 drivers for using illegal window tinting. Director General of Police (DGP) Shtrutjeet Kapur emphasized that black film on car windows violates traffic regulations and attracts hefty fines. The challans were issued both online and offline during the campaign. DGP Kapur reiterated that traffic rules apply to everyone, and violators will face strict legal action. He urged citizens to report vehicles with black film or motorcycles emitting loud noises by calling the Haryana Police helpline number 112 for immediate action.

    DGP Uttam Seva Medals Awarded to Four Policemen for Outstanding Service

    Director General of Police Shatrujeet Kapur honoured four policemen selected for the DGP Uttam Seva Medal with medals, certificates, and a cash prize of Rs 50,000 at the first state-level Police Inspector General/Superintendent Conference being held in Surajkund, Faridabad. On this occasion, he congratulated the selected policemen and motivated them to continue to perform well. Along with this, Mr. Kapur has also awarded the title of Best Police Station in the state to Barhi Police Station of Sonipat district and honoured the SHO Inspector Mahesh Kumar by presenting him a certificate.

    Haryana Police Busts Wedding Fraudsters in Nuh

    The Haryana Police has made a breakthrough by apprehending Maulana Arshad, resident of Bubalheri and Rashid, resident of Palwal district, who were cheating people and extorting money in the name of giving Kanyadaan (girl's contribution to the wedding) in the marriages of their daughters. Investigations reveal that the accused orchestrated their scam using different packages, enticing victims with marriage packages ranging from Rs 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh. These packages supposedly included a Splendor motorcycle, complete wedding paraphernalia, and Rs 21,000 in cash as part of the Kanyadaan ritual. During initial interrogation, both accused, assisted by their accomplices, confessed to swindling Rs 14 crore from about 1400 victims under the pretense of arranging Kanyadaan for their daughters' weddings. Subsequently, both were presented in court and remanded into police custody for four days. Intensive interrogation is underway to uncover further details in this case

    Operation Akarman-Police Action Against Criminals and Illegal Activities Led by the Director General of Police, Haryana Police

    Under the direction of Haryana Director General of Police Shatrujeet Kapur, Operation Akarman-8 was launched on March 31 in the state to crackdown on criminals, criminal elements, and drug traffickers. During this operation, a total of 1403 teams comprising 6737 police personnel conducted simultaneous raids across the state, resulting in the registration of 505 FIRs under IPC, NDPS, Excise, and Arms Acts and the arrest of 982 accused. Under the leadership of SPs and DSPs, 505 teams of 6737 police personnel initiated raids on offenders and criminals from the early morning of March 31, which continued until late evening. Conducting raids simultaneously at different locations yielded excellent results in targeting criminals. Operation Akarman was carried out across the state to crack down on crime and criminal elements to ensure a safe environment for the people of the state. The police department conducted this eighth campaign to provide a fear-free environment to the people of the state.

    Haryana Police Chief Reviews Preparations for 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

    Haryana Director General of Police, Shatrujeet Kapur, convened a video conference with senior police officials across the state to review preparations for the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha general elections and ensure free, fair, and peaceful voting. Sh. Kapur emphasized the importance of clear understanding among officers regarding their duties for a smooth and peaceful election process. During the meeting, Sh. Kapur highlighted that the Lok Sabha elections in Haryana are scheduled for May 25th, emphasizing the collective responsibility of all stakeholders to ensure a smooth electoral process. Sh. Kapur stressed and directed everyone to ensure that the instructions issued by the Election Commission are followed in letter and spirit.

    Haryana Police to Crack Down on Illegal Black Film on Vehicles from April 1st

    The Haryana Police is gearing up for a special campaign targeting vehicles with illegal black film on their windows. Commencing on April 1st and continuing until April 7th, the drive aims to enforce traffic regulations and promote road safety. Such actions blatantly contravene traffic regulations, compelling the Haryana Police to take rigorous legal measures against those responsible. The Haryana Police will take strict action against offenders, who may face fines of up to Rs. 10,000 as mandated by law.

    ACB arrests electricity department JE for taking bribe of Rs 85,000

    The Haryana Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) team has arrested Junior Engineer (JE) Dalbir Singh of the Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN) in Karnal red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs 85,000. The accused had demanded the bribe from the complainant in exchange for installing a transformer with a higher capacity than the sanctioned load. The ACB team received a complaint that JE Dalbir Singh was working in the electricity department in Sector 6 of Karnal district and was demanding a bribe of Rs 85,000 from the complainant for installing a transformer with a higher capacity than the sanctioned load. After investigating the matter, the ACB team laid a trap and caught the accused red-handed while accepting the bribe. A case has been registered against the accused at the ACB police station in Karnal and he has been arrested.

    6 Interstate Cyber Thugs Who Cheated Thousands Arrested Social Media Scams Busted: Cybercriminals Exploited Victims

    In a significant breakthrough, the police have apprehended six interstate cyber criminals responsible for defrauding numerous individuals of substantial sums of money. These cybercriminals operated through various social media platforms, primarily Instagram and Telegram, where they orchestrated their fraudulent schemes. One of their common tactics involved deceiving victims into transferring money to fake accounts under the guise of various enticing offers. According to the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Cyber, Chandigarh, the cyber police station spearheading the investigation uncovered the intricate methods employed by these criminals. They discovered that the fraudsters would promptly transfer the ill-gotten funds to other fictitious accounts and subsequently withdraw cash. On the arrests, indicating that four of the cybercriminals were apprehended in Rajasthan, while the remaining two were nabbed in Mewat and Jind, respectively.

    Multi-Layered Monitoring for Peaceful Elections

    Mr. Kapur emphasized the multi-layered monitoring system implemented across the state to guarantee peaceful elections. The police will vigilantly monitor adherence to the model code of conduct and maintain law and order throughout Haryana. He highlighted the use of the Election Commission's C-Vigil app to ensure adherence to election guidelines. Additionally, 12 CAPF companies have arrived in the state and are deployed across various districts.

    Ensuring Smooth Elections

    Mr. Kapur further elaborated on the Election cell's functioning . The cell will monitor adherence to the guidelines set forth under the Model Code of Conduct throughout the state. Collaboration with districts regarding police force deployment and related issues will be established. The cell will identify critical (complex) areas and ensure adequate police deployment. Districts will submit daily reports on sealed items, election-related complaints, and adherence to the model code of conduct. The Election Cell will remain operational 24/7 with staff present even during gazetted holidays and weekends.

    24/7 Operations and Multi-Level Monitoring

    The Director General of Police, Mr. Shatrujeet Kapur explained that the Election Cell, besides maintaining law and order, will monitor various crucial election-related activities. Additional Director General of Police, Law and Order Shri Sanjay Kumar, will oversee the cell's operations. DSP, Law and Order, Mamta Souda, will function as the nodal officer for the cell. Additionally, DSP and ASP-level officers in all districts will act as nodal officers. These officers will submit daily reports on prescribed aspects to the central Election Cell.

    Haryana Police Establishes Election Cell for Lok Sabha Elections 2024

    To ensure free, fair, and peaceful conduct of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 in Haryana, the Haryana Police has established an election cell at the Police Headquarters, Sector-6, Panchkula. This cell will work towards maintaining law and order and ensuring adherence to the model code of conduct, allowing citizens to exercise their franchise impartially and without fear.

    Haryana Police Plans to Open 34 Creches Across the State

    In a move aimed at supporting working mothers, Haryana Police plans to open Creches (Child Care Centers) within police lines across all districts. This decision comes after gathering feedback from female officers stationed in various districts, underlining the importance of ensuring the well-being of their children. An atmosphere of joy prevails among female police officers thanks to the establishment of Creches(Childcare Center) initiated by the Director General of Police Shatrujeet Kapur in Karnal for the welfare of children. This initiative is a joint effort between the Women and Child Development Department and the Haryana Police, with Child care centers already established in 24 districts and efforts underway in 10 other districts.

    ACB Arrests Patwari Red-Handed: Demanded Rs 85,000 Bribe for girdawari of the land in Bapoli on Saturday evening

    The Haryana Anti-Corruption Bureau team arrested Patwari Surendra Verma of Bapoli red-handed taking a bribe of Rs 85,000 for doing the girdawari of the land. A case has been registered against the accused Patwari at the ACB Karnal police station and he has been arrested. The Anti-Corruption Bureau team received a complaint alleging that Patwari Surendra Verma of Bapoli was soliciting a bribe of Rs 85,000 for conducting the girdawari of the land. Acting upon the complaint, the ACB team formulated a plan to apprehend the accused, which led to his red-handed arrest for bribery. The entire operation was conducted transparently in the presence of witnesses.

    Haryana Anti-Corruption Bureau arrests District Welfare Officer Lalchand for taking a bribe of Rs 40,000

    In a major crackdown on corruption, the Haryana Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) today arrested District Welfare Officer (DWO) Lalchand red-handed while taking a bribe of Rs 40,000 in Fatehabad district. The bribe was demanded through a private person, Ravinder Singh. The ACB team laid a trap to nab the accused on the basis of information and was successful in catching him red-handed. The accused DWO Lalchand had demanded a bribe of Rs 50,000 from the complainant for availing the benefits of the government scheme 'Inter-caste Marriage Shagun Yojana'. Out of this, Rs 10,000 had already been taken by the accused on March 7 through a private person named Ravinder Singh. The accused then demanded the remaining Rs 40,000 of the bribe, which he was caught red-handed taking by the ACB team. The entire proceedings were conducted with complete transparency in the presence of witnesses. Both the accused have been arrested in this case and are being investigated.

    Haryana Anti-Corruption Bureau Arrests Data Entry Operator in Rohtak Bribery Case

    In a swift operation, the Haryana Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested Joginder, a data entry operator deployed by the Haryana Skill Employment Corporation Limited, at the Rohtak Municipal Corporation office. Joginder was caught red-handed accepting a bribe of ?11,000. The ACB received a complaint alleging that Joginder demanded ?22,000 from an individual to issue a "No Objection Certificate" (NOC) for a property. The ACB team laid a trap and apprehended Joginder while accepting the first installment of the bribe. The entire operation was conducted transparently with witnesses present. An FIR has been registered against Joginder at the ACB Rohtak police station. The ACB is currently investigating the case and collecting evidence.

    Haryana Anti-Corruption Bureau arrests private hospital doctor for taking bribe of Rs 2 lakh in Panipat district

    The Haryana Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) team has arrested Dr. Vishal Malik, working in a private hospital in Panipat, for taking a bribe of Rs 2 lakh. In this case, a bribe was being demanded by two other accused, namely Dr. Pawan Kumar and Clerk Naveen Kumar, working in the Civil Hospital, Panipat, through Dr. Vishal Malik. The ACB team has registered a case against the accused at the police station of ACB, Karnal and has taken action. These accused had inspected the Imaging and Diagnostic Center being run by the complainant. During the inspection, the accused had demanded a bribe of Rs 200,000 from the complainant in exchange for not registering an FIR and filing the issued notice.

    Sirsa Police Bust ATM Fraud Gang, Arrest 3 from Mumbai

    The Haryana Police cyber crime unit in Sirsa made a significant breakthrough in cracking an ATM fraud case and apprehending three culprits from Mumbai. The gang had targeted a woman from Talwara Khurd village on September 2, 2023. The victim, Shefali Mehta, called the helpline number 1930 and lodged an online complaint, stating a loss of INR 1,73,000. The police conducted a thorough investigation and gathered crucial clues, which led them to Mumbai, where they apprehended the three accused - Mohammad Tohid, Mohammad Tosif, and Mohammad Junaid Ali. The investigation revealed that one of the arrested accused, Mohammad Tosif, was a post office employee who stole ATM cards meant for customers and handed them over to his accomplices for fraudulent activities. This case highlights the importance of ATM card security, and individuals should never share their OTP with anyone over the phone, even if they claim to be from a bank or government agency.

    Haryana DGP Inaugurates Second Sardar Patel Police e-Library in Karnal

    Fulfilling an announcement by Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal, Director General of Police (DGP) Shatrujeet Kapur inaugurated the state's second Sardar Patel Police e-Library at the Police Lines in Karnal. This follows the successful launch of the first such e-library in the Sonipat district. During the inauguration ceremony, DGP Kapur encouraged traffic safety and cyber security. He urged children to follow traffic rules and educate their families about road safety. He also advised everyone against sharing personal information or clicking suspicious links and reminded the audience of the anti-cybercrime helpline number 1930, urging people to report suspicious activity or cyber fraud immediately for better recovery chances.

Reg. Biometric verification of the absentee candidates recommended to the post of Male and Female Constable (GD) against Advt. No. 4/2020, Cat. No. 01, 02. Wanted in connection with violence in Panchkula on 25.08.2017 Suspected Persons in Dera Sacha Saudha Cases Suspected Persons in Jat Reservation Agitation 2016 as informed by SIT constituted vide Hon'ble Punjab & Haryana High Court order dated 19.8.2017
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